Saturday, January 31, 2009

time to start space planning.

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i am starting the space planning phase. here are some diagrams i've been working on to show the relationships & adjacencies of zones & spaces.

my main challenge will be:
each space (apart from the back of house spaces) needs to be well integrated with each other, but also create separate, unique experiences.

location of building.

pictures of existing rock 'n' bowl.

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here are some pictures of the existing rock 'n' bowl.
these images show all the main, public areas of the space.

the biggest challenge of this project:
rock 'n' bowl has been around for decades; the business is an icon in new orleans. the patrons love rock 'n' bowl just for what it is. therefore, i don't want to create a totally different, modernized look. on the other hand, i do not want to recreate the existing rock 'n' bowl. it is very difficult to effectively recreate a space that has been around for 68 years, building up charm. going either of these routes can risk recieving negative feedback.

ways to work through this challenge:
i am still figuring this out. maybe i need to create a questionaire, asking people what they think of when they think of rock 'n' bowl, what elements of the interior stand out in their mind, what they think could use improvement, etc. i could use these feedback to let me know what people find important, and implement these things into my design.

creating a healthy balance of elements of the past rock 'n' bowl and elements of modernized bowling alleys will be key in a successful project. this will come through in my space planning, architectural pieces, technological elements, and finish selections.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

five logos. which one?

i am toying around with a font for the "lanes" part of the logo. which font makes the logo look more complete? keep in mind that i am trying to replicate the original logo, show below:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

project introduction.

for my capstone project, i will be designing a bowling alley in new orleans. this bowling alley is called "mid city lanes", but is more commonly known as rock 'n' bowl. they are widely known for their live music. it is a current establishment in new orleans, and is planning a relocation in the near future. i am lucky enough to know the owners of rock 'n' bowl, and they are graciously allowing me to use their business and new building for my project. go to their website to get a feel of what they are all about:

above is a site plan of the new building. it technically occupies 8126 earhart blvd, but is basically on the corner of south carrollton & earhart. the building is an industrial, warehouse type. the district that this building is in dates to the 1930's to the 1940's. several businesses previously occupied the building, such as a beauty supply store and a helm paint store. it is currently gutted and ready for construction of the new rock 'n' bowl. the exterior of the building is entirely metal siding and metal roofing. below are some exterior shots! (you can click on any picture to make it bigger)

i spent last semester preparing for this project. i did a site analysis of the building, determined the physical requirements, worked with spatial zoning, began to research codes, analyzed the users, and found some great bowling alley precedents. ill be posting some of this work through the semester, along with my new work.

above s an image of the original logo at rock 'n' bowl. the building has been worked on since then, so the only existing signage they have now is the bowling pin. we are working on our logos right now, so i decided to revert back to the original logo, yet have it slightly refined. the image below is my first attempt.

thanks for reading! stay tuned for more.

a little about me.

welcome! over the course of this semester, i will be posting a multitude of things related to my senior design project: ideas, pictures, drawings, finish selections, questions, etc. between my peers, professors, and mentors, it will be a great way to get some feedback and hopefully make this loooong semester a little easier! i would love any ideas or advice that anyone has to give.

my design past and future. a few of my past projects have included: a children’s retail store, a timeshare in the theater district of nyc, an art gallery, a snowball stand in new orleans, and a dental office. i have yet to do a project that would be considered an “entertainment project”, but each one i have done has been influenced by my interest in that field. i would like to go this route after i graduate, and it would be great to have relevant project in my portfolio. one day i would love to become a set designer, and i think entertainment will be a nice segway into that.

my philosophy. a successful design is one that sparks someone’s interest, incites emotion, and makes them just wish they would have thought of what you have designed. my design style is filled with glimpses of playfulness, while still being timeless and elegant. i believe that all designs must have reminiscent qualities of the past, but still be in anticipation of the future. beauty and function are at upmost importance in my designs.

i wanted to include my resume in this post to give a feel of my experience.

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