Thursday, March 26, 2009

entry hallway.

ive been finishing up my model and working on the entry hallway. when you walk into the current rock n walk up a flight of stairs with countless frames and memorabilia on both sides of you. i wanted to recreate this in my rendition. i used the turquoise color on the millwork to tie into the stage. i have a ceramic tile on the floor in a diamond pattern. This area is a good transition from the residential feeling of the exterior into the bowling alley. i lowered the ceiling to make this area more intimate.

things i still need to address in this area: light fixtures & the wall across from wall with the frames (which i may just leave plain, to direct all attention to the frames). also, i am thinking of having some sort of light signage (possibly like the exterior) on the white wall in the first picture. this is where you turn the corner and enter the main space of the project.



whole wall

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