Tuesday, March 3, 2009

performance space.

i am starting to gather ideas for the stage area in my bowling alley. i am always drawn to ornate, baroque type elements, as everyone knows. i am not planning to go this route entirely with my stage, but i do want to infuse some of those elements. i am thinking of an thinking of giving it the look of a theater that once was considered glamourous long ago, but now is aged and a little roughed up....kind of saenger meets house of blues. here is an inspiration board of images i was initially attracted to:

i am also getting inspiration from images of the backstage and wings of theaters. i like that unfinished, behind the scenes look. by revealing elements like the one in the images below, it will counteract the more orante elements seen in the collage above.

i have always like the stage on the saturday night live set also. it reflects the style of new york city, but not in an obvious way. i want to achieve this, but in a new orleans way:

here is a perspective from the dance floor, looking straight at the stage. i think this space has real potential!

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