Monday, March 30, 2009


i am basically done my model (except for some finishing touches) here are a few views of what i have at the moment. i will take these views into photoshop and spruce them up. (i wanted to use a rendering program to bring in lighting into my model, but now that there is only 4 weeks left..i am rethinking that decision.) throughout my blog i have explained most of the decisions i have made for the project....these are just the updated views. thanks for reading!

exterior view. my exterior is my focus, so i do think i would like to render this view, especially to show how my signage will be light up.

close up view of part of the exterior.

the bowling pin and large letters will have neon or led tube lighting in it.

entry hallway, with pictures & memorbilia. turquoise millwork.

stage, dance floor, open seating.

another view of stage, in relation to the bar.

bar and bar tables to the right.

custom fixture: bar height, bowling ball rack at bottom, ties into the ironwork used on the exterior.

seating area for bowlers. instead of the typical plastic benches, i used mid-century modern style sofas and coffee table. i have antique style rugs underneath.

one set of bowling lanes. see next picture for explanation of lanes.

i will create a few versions of this perspective and make a short video out of it to show the progression of the lights.

this was an example of a mirror that turns into a tv. you just turn the tv on, at appears in the mirror. when the tv is off, it just looks like a regular mirror. this was in the suite in cinderellas castle.

i am starting to work on my technical drawings...but there is still one issue left up in the air:

this is a view of the side of the building seen from earhart. this is a very busy street. therefore, it is a prime place for advertising, so i will need implement some type of signage or something to catch your eye. another issue with this area is that just inside the building against the wall is the back of the stage. this is where musicians will load and unload their equipment. i have added a wall for privacy and safety (this is not the best neighborhood) as they are packing and unpacking their expensive equipment. i also figured it should be covered as well. so this has turned into another addition to the building. the shape and material of this addition is still up in the air (what i have right there is just a placeholder)

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