Wednesday, March 11, 2009

progress on the interior.

it around 4:30 am right now....and my creative juices have dried up, so i decided to update my blog to give a taste on what i have been working on. click on the pictures to make them larger!

(disclaimer: parts of the perspectives i am going to post are obviously hardly started...they are the parts that are white with little to no detail on them. this is mainly the bar and the bowling lanes.)

overall view of the stage. it looks pretty dark, but most stages are that way. once i render these perspectives, it will bring some life into the place!

*exposed brick on the backside of the stage*
(inspired by backstages of theater)
*curtains to mimic the wings of a theater*
*brocade wallcovering in the same color as the curtain*
*octagon oriental rug*
*dark grey, ornate supports at the foot of the stage*
(that are light between each one)
*logo hanging in background (or painted on the brick?)*
*dark turquoise millwork around the stage*
*light wood floors on the stage*
*venetian plaster finish with flecks of metallic gold on the walls to the left*
*the floor is an dark, aged wood, herringbone pattern (but appropriate for a dance floor)*

before i had this curve, i had a basic L shape wall. a full wall was used to hide the ceiling elements over the lanes and a lower wall was extended so dancers wont meander onto the lanes. i wanted to keep it mostly open so bowlers could watch the stage though. my professor brought it to my attention that people may gather and lean on the wall in this area (and possibly spill drinks onto the lanes) and something was needed to prevent this. i drew in a curve in the wall instead of the sharp L shape. i then added the line of light bulbs.
i am really excited about this element because it unifies the theatrical design with the retro/googie design. you see this type of light scheme in both of those genres.

i have a stepped ceiling over half of the lanes. this is mainly put there for acoustics and to have a place for spotlighting (on the pins) and projections (on screens).

a cut through of the building showing all the areas. the bar, as i said, is still in the works, that is just the basic plan i have.

i know i want a dropped ceiling over the bar. i want to include beveled glass panels, to act as the divider between the two sides of the bars. this is in replacement of the typical mirror you see in bar backs. i think it will reflect the light really well and bring a little sparkle into the space. i dont plan for it to be just panels of glass there...there will be millwork involved as well. this center piece will physically connect to the bar and the ceiling element.

i want this bar to have a neighborhood, tavern feel to it. i plan to use dark woods, pressed tin, and various light fixtures. the stained glass will have shelving in front of it for the bottles, which will be light from underneath. i will have stools around the bar. there will be an open seating area of bar tables and chairs behind the dance floor.

other than the bar, the lanes need some sprucing up too. not sure what i have in mind yet for that area. two other areas that are coming up are the party rooms and the entry hallway.

thats all my rambling for tonight. it helps to write out my thoughts, and i can go back and read this to prepare for my final presentation...if that ever gets here!

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