Monday, March 2, 2009

midterm point.

i am in the process of documenting the decisions i have been making in diagram form, for my book and for my midterm presentation. here are some of the things i prepared.

aerial view: showing surrounding buildings and parking lots.

site plan: showing original footprint of building and the additions i am making.

block plan of interior spaces.

site plan and floorplan: showing parking spaces, entrances, exits, and delivery access.


typical circulation paths of different users

my focus has evolved! i am now focusing on the exterior of the building...because it needs so much work and attention. below is a perspective of what i have developed so far. the signage will be light up, with backlight letters and spotlighting. neon tubing will be in the bowling pin and in letters of rock 'n' bowl. once i have the shadows and lighting in, i think it will be a nice exterior perspective !

click to see larger !

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